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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing il 1040 v

Instructions and Help about il 1040 v

Music the Illinois Department of Revenue presents activating your my tax Illinois account for individual income tax payers this information is important for individual tax payers because we take the protection of your tax data very seriously creating a my tax account is a two part activation process this helps ensure confidentiality of your tax information and protection from identity theft you must have a letter about your individual income tax account from the Department of Revenue issued within the last 90 days if you already have a letter you may skip step one and start with step two if you do not have a letter you will need to follow the step 1 instructions once you have obtained your letter in the mail from the department you may follow the step 2 instructions later in this video step 1 in activating your might axle annoy account is to request a letter ID from the department go to my tax dot L annoy dot gov click on the blue individuals button at the top of the screen then under the miscellaneous section click on the request a letter ID hyperlink the letter will be sent to the address we have on file for your individual income tax account on the next screen enter your social security number if the Box turns red you will not be able to create a my tax Illinois account this could be because you have never filed an individual income tax return like an IL 1040 with us have not filed a return with us in the last two years or you already have a might axle annoy account setup with us in these cases contact our Central Registration Division at two one seven seven eight five three seven zero seven for assistance if the Box turns white you must enter one of the following your Illinois identification number your prior years adjusted gross income your Illinois driver's license number or your Illinois state identification number if you are unsure of your illinois personal identification number you can look up your pin through the system click the lookup my il pin blue hyperlink enter your social security number and one of the requested items check the box to confirm the information and then click conduct inquiry your PIN will appear on this screen it is an 8 digit number you can close this screen by clicking the X in the upper right corner to return to request a letter ID once you have completed the letter ID request information and click Submit the system will ask you for your valid email address you need to enter it twice for validation purposes then click OK after you submit your letter ID request you will see a confirmation screen you can print this screen by clicking on printable confirmation once you see your confirmation screen please allow 7 to 10 days for your letter ID to arrive in the mail the letter will be sent to.