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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1040-v payment voucher 2021

Instructions and Help about 1040-v payment voucher 2021

There I'm Melissa Whaley and right now I'm gonna show you very quickly how to pay taxes online with the IRS so those would be federal tax payments your first step is gonna be go right here to IRS gov and once you're on this page you're gonna see a few very simple options up at the top this one says pay let's go there okay so we want to make a payment on our taxes now I always recommend to use direct pay the reason we want to use direct pay is because it's going to come out of your checking account and there's not gonna be any fees if you really can't afford to take it directly out of your bank account then you need to put it on a credit card you can choose this option but for today I'm going to show you how to use direct pay alright now it can explain to you a little bit more about what direct pay is again these are payments for sole proprietors or individual taxes so this is not going to apply if you are a incorporated business which means you file your taxes as a partnership and S corp or AC Corp if you are a single single member LLC you are most likely going to pay taxes as a sole proprietor so this will apply to you as well now once we're on this direct pay site we want to make a payment here's where we're actually going to start entering our own information okay now there are two reasons why you would need to make a payment to the IRS online number one is that you've already filed your taxes but you owe them money and you need to pay them if you didn't set it up to have them automatically take the money out of your bank account when you've filed your taxes then you're either gonna have to mail a check or come do it this way so if you are paying a balance due on your tax return the the site the thing you want to select I can talk is tax return or notice so that's what you're gonna select if you're paying the balance on a tax return if you are making an estimated payment as and you want to prepay your taxes for next year then you're gonna select right here estimated tax now we're gonna walk through this it's gonna automatically select the correct form for you and then you're gonna select the year now we can only make estimated payments at this point for 2021 so we want to select 2021 and then we're gonna click continue it's always gonna ask you to confirm yes I'm not doing next year to verify your identity so you need to pull out last year's tax return the last one that has been filed and accepted by the IRS now if you're an early filer for your 2017.