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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 2021 irs form 1040-v

Instructions and Help about 2021 irs form 1040-v

This slideshow will teach you how to prepare a form 1040ez first scenario we're going to go through is if you're single and you're living with your parents so they're claiming you as independent and you have a job and you receive a form w-2 from that job if you're under age 65 in this less than 100,000 you are eligible to file a 1040 EZ and on the next few slides I'm going to show you how to report the income from your form w2 the first step in preparing your form 1040 EC straight your name and address at the top of the form include your social security number in the right-hand corner in the box the next step is to look at your form w2 your form w2 will have your wage information in mine 1 which is labeled wages tips and other compensation you are to take this number and place it on line 1 of your form 1040ez in our example it is $800 since in our example there is no taxable interest or unemployment compensation since you just have a job with a w-2 you want to tell you this amount down to line 4 which again is $800 the next line and your form 1040ez is line I this is the amount of deduction that you get to claim on your return first you're gonna check the box you as your parents can claim you as a dependent next we're to calculate the amount which is 1150 on page 2 of your 1040 EZ which I will show you how to calculate on the next slide if your parents can claim you as a dependent and you check the box on line 5 you are now to skip down to page 2 of form 1040ez and you work to enter the amount on line a from your front page from line 1 which is $800 you're to add 350 to that which is going to total to 1150 and then online see you're gonna compare your number which in our example is larger than the 1050 so it's 1150 the maximum standard deduction is 63 50 because you are single you're going to enter the smaller of this amount or the amount and in our example the amount is smaller which is 1150 if you are single you're to enter zero because you are single and your parents are claiming you as a dependent and so you're gonna tally down to 1150 on line G now that line 5 is calculated we can move down to line 6 taxable income since your deduction of 1150 is more than your adjusted gross income of 800 your taxable income would be 0 your federal income tax withholding can be found in box 2 of your form w2 in our example it is $10.00 you will also notice that there is withholdings in box 4 and 6 of your form w-2 these are for Social.