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Why did i get a 1040 V Form: What You Should Know

May 14, 2024 — What is Form 1040-V? — IRS Form 941 Payment Voucher If you are delinquent on a federal tax bill, you may have received a payment voucher sent by the IRS. It is important to check and confirm the information you are receiving. You can view your voucher or make a payment online, by phone, or from any of the payment methods available at IRS.gov. You may be required to pay a late payment penalty (and possibly other fees) if you do not timely use the voucher. How to use the IRS Form 941 Payment Voucher Form 941 Payment Voucher can be used for the following reasons: To make a payment to the IRS for a delinquency in payment that is still past due, such as a balance that is due to the IRS and is past the due date. For more information, see IRS.gov/Payments. The amount of the payment is used to pay the balance in full or as close to full payment as possible. To make a payment for a delinquent Federal award or Federal contract where the total amount due was less than 3,000, a check is used until the balance is paid in full. To make a late payment that is still past due, the payment of the balance due by January 31 is made at the rate of 10 percent (to the extent the payment cannot first be made at the rate above). If you fail to make the payment by the date specified in the payment voucher, the IRS will use the funds in accordance with paragraph (d)(1) of section 4685 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. What is the IRS Form 941 Payment Voucher? The Form 941 Payment Voucher is a form that requires you to provide the following information: The name, address, and telephone number of the person (and business) to whom the payment should be made. A brief description of the federal award or Federal contract to whom the payment was to be used. The total amount paid in the current fiscal year. The date that the payment was due (which should be within the last two months. For more information, see IRS.gov/Forms5471).

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why did i get a 1040 V

Instructions and Help about Why did i get a 1040 V

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