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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing why did i get a 1040 v

Instructions and Help about why did i get a 1040 v

Hey and welcome back to Packers corner my name is Troy and as usual today is a good day no didn't receive anything in the mail today so no goodies but um today is a good day as it always is today I'm going to try and tackle something that is actually pretty difficult at times and I've had a few people ask me how do you do it so I'm gonna try and tackle as far as video wise here is how in the stink do I fill out the PSA forms I don't know about you these things are not the easiest things in the world to fill out I've had people ask me about it I've got buddies that even when I fill these out for myself and they send in with me they want to know how do you do it so in this video I'm gonna try to do as best I can to tell you how to fill these things out correctly and even show you how to do your cards correctly so when you send it in you don't get phone calls letting you know you missed a box or you did something wrong so bear with me I'm gonna give this a shot so here we go alright here we go well what do I do if I need to send something in the PSA to get created well first of all you have to be a member of PSA and of course to join a PSA just go to PSA and join if if you can do it that way or unless you've got a friend who is a member you can send things in me I've been a member for awhile and so I've seen this page a few times but it's not always that easy so let's go ahead and get started here first of all of course when you join they send you in the mail a Welcome Packet and inside the Welcome package you get some of these which of course is the actual submission form that they send they also sends you a a welcome to PSA club thing which actually gives you instructions on how to do it and you need both these things when you are gonna get your cards ready and stuff the other thing I would suggest before you even fill this page out is of course have what cards you want to send in those are some cards that I have prepared there in the ultra Pro saver to whatever they're supposed to be in packets you can't send them in top-loaders so you got to make sure they're than these here's some cards I plan on sitting in here soon this is a 92 Brett Farve in that's actually a police card here is Iran wolf that's actually is rickie card it's a police card Ted Thompson rookie card which is another police card I'll see here Tony.